Below is a list of questions we are tackling on the Train up a Child Ministries Podcast. Have a question you want to hear answered but don't see it in a current episode or "coming soon" episode? Leave your question in the comments section below, or email us at tucministries@gmail.com and we will do our best to include it on our podcast. 

Click the episode you wish to hear under the "released episodes" section to be taken to the link to listen and join in our conversations. 

Currently released episodes:

Episode 1. Introduction to our ministry 

Join us in our first episode as we introduce ourselves and share our heart for this ministry.

Episode 2. Have we glamourized suicide? 

With TV shows like '13 Reasons' and an increase in celebrity suicides making headlines we discuss the repercussions on our kids. Have we planted new ideas in their minds? Joining us and our special guests Cheryl, a social worker with a private practice, and Dean, a psychologist with a local practice. 

Episode 3. Battling addictions within the family unit- part 1 

Having battled addiction in our own family, in part 1 of this discussion, we discuss the lies we believed as both the addict and the loved one walking alongside the addict, and which truth we needed to cling to combat these lies.

Episode 4. Battling addictions within the family unit- part 2 

Having battled addiction in our own family, in part 2 of this discussion, we talk about when and how to talk to your kids about addiction. 

Episode 5. Raising missionary-minded kids

Living on base with their family in tote, Youth With a Mission leaders, Tessa and Livé, join us as special guests as we seek their insight on raising kids who get excited to share the message of Jesus.

Coming soon...

Check back frequently for more episodes that will be coming soon.

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